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Video and demo you can try yourself

Wondering how a flow of inviting a user to access via SSH looks like? See the below video, but know this is just to get an idea as the environment is developing continuously (if the video doesn't start playing, try opening it full-screen via the icon in the top right corner. The cow-sound at the start of the video is related to the name of the company involved in work on COmanage, Spherical Cow Group of which the name is based on the usage of spherical cow, a humorous metaphor for highly simplified scientific models of complex real life phenomena):


nameHow user enrollment works in COmanage
titleCOmanage enrollment
longdescVideo showing how access to a SSH resource works via COmanage, which is part of the SCZ-stack

Another A way of logging in is shown in a video at the bottom of PAM Module. We've also made a connection to Azure AD VM's which we show in this video.You can also try a demo yourself.

How SRAM aligns with GDPR/privacy