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If you are a Service Provider from another federation and you would like to offer your service(s) to an Identity Provider within SURFconext, please read on.

Table of Contents

Non-technical: policies and contracts


  • If you are a commercial Service Provider, you need a SURFconext Connection Agreement before you can offer your service through SURFconext. Also, in many cases, you will probably have to sign a Processor Agreement with any Identity Provider that uses your service. Of course, this is between you and the Identity Provider; SURF however provides useful templates. Before you intend to connect to SURFconext, please contact the SURFconext Team through
  • If you are a Research & Scholarship Service Provider, please note that SURFconext does not yet fully support this Entity Category. Full automatic attribute release is not yet possible. If you want to offer your service to an Identity Provider from SURFconext based on this Entity Category, please contact
    • Our current policy is that only R&S SPs which also support the GÉANT Data Protection Code of Conduct (CoCo) will be connected to IdPs with R&S enabled
    • Attribute release between a R&S IdP and a R&S and CoCo SP still has to be configured manually, by the SURFconext Team. This happens once per day, so there might be a small delay between the availabilty of R&S in the eduGAIN metadata and the actual attribute release
    • Please contact the SURFconext Team through
    • if you have any questions or requests

SURFconext strongly recommends every Service Provider to support the GÉANT Data Protection Code of Conduct (CoCo). If you do not yet support this document but are able to do so, please express your support as soon as possible. Identity Providers from SURFconext are much more likely to connect to your service if support for the CoCo is present.