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Code Block
GET /me/groups HTTP/1.1

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json

[ {
  "filteredid" : false"",
  "itemsPerPagedisplayName" : 2,
  "sortedcis": true,
  "startIndexdescription" : 0null,
  "totalResultssourceID" : 2,
  "updatedSinceUniHarderwijk": false,
  "entrymembership" : [
      "descriptionbasic" : "Privatemember"
law working group}
2014Q2"}, {
     "id" : "",
      "titledisplayName" : "Private law 2014Q2MyExampleTeam",
      "voot_membership_role""description" : "admin"This team is an  }example",
      "description": null,
      "id": ""sourceID" : "SURFteams",
      "titlemembership" : "Students{
started in 2014",       "voot_membership_role""basic" : "memberadmin"
 }   ]

Get group information

Group information is taken from SURFconext Teams. This call will only return the group's information if the user is a member of this group.


Code Block
titleExample of Get group information
GET /me/groups/ HTTP/1.1
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json
  "filteredid" : false,
  "itemsPerPage": 1"",
  "sorteddisplayName": false,
  "startIndex": 0,
  "totalResults": 1,
  "updatedSince": false"ABC helpdesk administrators",
  "entrydescription": [
      "description": "Administrators of the ABC helpdesk service.",
      "idsourceID" : "nl:surfnet:diensten:abc_helpdesk_administratorsSURFteams",
      "titlemembership" : "ABC{
helpdesk administrators",       "voot_membership_role""basic" : "admin"

Request parameters

The calls can have three parameters:

  • startIndex
    offset as the start for giving back results.
  • count
    number of results to be returned.  
  • sortBy
    key for sorting groups. Possible values: id, title, description.
    note that the members of a group cannot be sorted
    sorting MUST be performed before startIndex and count
Code Block
titleExample of Request parameters

Response parameters

  • filtered
    always false (SURFconext does not support filters).  
  • sorted
    false unless the request contained a sortBy parameter.
  • startIndex
    offset from which the results are returned (usually equal to the requested startIndex).  
  • itemsPerPage
    actual number of results in the response set, as part of entry, returned.  
  • totalResults
    total number of elements, independend of startIndex and count parameters. 
  • updatedSince
    always false. 
  • entry
    list of items: groups, people or person information. 


Handling failures of OAuth (Bearer) authentication are handled as described in [RFC 6750]. This will involve sending the WWW-Authenticate header if something is wrong, for example an invalid OAuth 2.0 access token will result in the following response: