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Does SURFconext support Single Logout?

No. For some more info, see .

How does SURFconext support rich clients and mobile applications?


SURFconext operates with a minimal disclosure principle: only the absolute necessary (personal) information is transferred to a service. When you request a connection to the Production environment, you must specify the attributes needed. We will review your request and configure an Attribute Release Policy accordingly.


How do I relay a student or employee number to my SP?

With the schacPersonalUniqueCode attribute. Note that only a very limited number of IdPs are providing this attribute. If you want to use/provide this attribute contact


Currently, the timeout periods are defined as follows:


grace period
Test connections1 year14 days
Production connectionsunlimitedn/a


Which attribute should I use to identify SURFconext users in my application?


How do I transmit a custom (non-standard) attribute from an IdP to an SP?

Use the eduPersonEntitlement attribute:

(urn:mace:dir:attribute-def:eduPersonEntitlement / urn:oid: