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Table of Contents

How to make a Onegini account

If your institution is not conected with SURFconext, you can use a Onegini account to log on to multiple services of SURFconext as a guest.

There are two different ways to register an account with Onegnini:

  1. Register an account with an existing social account (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Google). No extra username and password has to be remebered.
  2. Register a Onegini account with a new username and password.

Register a Onegini-account with a social account

1. Go to  Image Removed

2. Select the social account you want to register with (from left to right: Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Twitter).

The login page of the selected account will appear. Below you see an example of a Facebook login page.

Image Removed
3. Log in with you credentials and press Log In.

Next page tells you what information Onegini has access to.

Image Removed

4. Select OK.

  Image Removed

5. Fill in the requiered fields and press Create.

Next time you will visit a service of SURFconext as a guest you can use your social account to log in.

Register a Onegini-account without social account

1. Go to

Image Removed
2. Press here (in "Click here if you prefer not to use a third party account") Image Removed
3. Press Register here. Image Removed
4. Fill out the required fields and press Sign up to make a Onegini account.

If your Onegini account has been successfully registered you will be redirected to you personal Onegini dashboard page. Image Removed

A social account can always be added by selecting the '+' at the top-right of your dashboard panel.

7. When you want to log in to a SURFconext website like choose Onegini for institution (type 'onegini in the search bar). Next you log in with your social acount or Onegini username and password.

Image Removedyou need to login to a service connected to SURFconext but you do not work for, study at or are in another way related to one of the connected institutions, you probably need a guest account.

You can create and manage your own guest account through eduID:

Documentation on eduID is available here: Guest access with eduID.