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Onegini will no longer be available from 1 July 2020. Instead, use eduID. Documentation about eduID can be found here.

Table of Contents

How to make a Onegini account

If your institution is not connected with you don't have a home institution connected to SURFconext, you can use a Onegini account to log on to multiple services of SURFconext as a guest.

There are two different ways to register an account with OnegniniOnegini:

  1. Register an account with an existing social account (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Google). No extra username and password has to be remembered.
  2. Register a Onegini account with a new username and password.


3. Log in with your Facebook credentials and click Log In.

Next The next page tells you what information Onegini has access to.


If you select LinkedIn, LinkedIn will ask you for permission to share your profile photo with Onegini. SURFconext and Onegini do not use your profile photo! Unfortunately we are unable to dismiss this message.

4. Select Click OK.


5. Fill in the required fields and click Create.


You will still have to confirm your mailadressmail address.


Confirm your e-mail



Ater After registering with Onegini your mail does not automatically get added to your profile. This will only happen after confirmation by the user. Since e-mail is necessary for many services, confirming immediatly immediately could be handy.

  1.  Go to youw your personal page using the button 'Personal Info' (1) on top of the page.
  2. Click Verify (2) behing behind the field saying that states 'Mail AdressAddress'
  3. Go to your mailbox, find the mail and click 'Verify email adressaddress'

The mail sometimes ends up in your spamfolderspam folder.

Log in at a service of SURFconext with your Onegini



1. If want to log in to a service like via SURFconext, choose Onegini for institution (type 'onegini Onegini in the search bar). Next you log in with your social account or Onegini username and password.