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SURFnet processes personal information of the users of its affiliated institutions on behalf of these institutions. At the request of the institution or user, a set of personal information (attributes) will be released to a connected Service Provider in order to facilitate the use of the service provided by this Service Provider. SURFnet processes these attributes in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act and other relevant legislation and regulations. Agreements have been entered into with the institutions in this regard. More information about how personal information is processed by the various parties within SURFconext (institutions, Service Providers and SURFnet) is available in the Privacy Policy < link: > of SURFconext.

If you would like to obtain more information about which attributes your institution has, about which Service Providers receive which attributes of yours, and about the various periods during which such information is stored, please consult the Profile Page <link: > of SURFconext.

Support and questions

If users have any problems with SURFconext, they can refer to the Support page<link:> or they can contact the helpdesk: