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  1. Register a Onegini account.
  2. Make sure to complete Onegini's verification process of your mail address: this is required for registering a SURFsecureID token.
  3. Go to and login with your Onegini account.
  4. Request a second factor authentication token (SMS, tiqr or YubiKey) and complete the self-registration process until step 4 "Activation code'.
  5. Contact us ( for an appointment to finish the registration (ca. 5 minutes). For the TEST environment, the appointment can be by telephone or Skype call, chat or email. You do NOT have to visit us.
  6. Do not forget to bring/have your activation code and second factor authentication token (SMS, tiqr or YubiKey) ready, you will need it during the activation process. The activation code is shown in step 4 of the registration process, and is sent to you by email.
  7. After verification SURFnet will activate your token and you can then use it login at LoA/level 2 or above.