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  • More fine-grained authorization: allow RAs and RAAs users to work for more multiple institutions
    In development. Planned in 2019Q22019Q4.

  • Study integration options for Microsoft Azure MFA with SURFsecureID

    Preliminary research is done. POC planned.

  • Remote registration facility
    Preliminary research is done. POC phase has started.

  • Full self-service registration
    Supporting low level of assurance by eliminating the identification and activation process. PlannedNot yet planned.

  • Support OpenID Connect
    This will piggyback on the planned integration of SURFsecureID in SURFconext. Planned for november 2019.

  • User deprovisioning, i.e. remove token registrations that have not been used for a long time

  • Improve integration of SURFsecureID with legacy applications

  • Support for IRMA tokens
    In development

  • Support for FIDO2 / WebAuthn tokens
    In development. Pilot expected in 2019Q4

In addition to these more innovative activities, we will continue to improve our service: