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It is our ambition to let SURFsecureID let SURFsecureID grow into the default strong authentication solution for Dutch education and research institutions. The following activities are planned:


  • Enable Single Sign-On (SSO) on second factor
    Planned for 2023H2

  • User deprovisioning, i.e. remove token registrations that have not been used for a long time
    Planned for 2024H1

  • Redesign SURFsecureID UI
    Planned for 2024Q1


Released or old roadmap items:

  • Enable self-service registration of a token.
    This allows users to self-activate a token without going through a servicedesk activation process
    Released June 2023
  • Activate token with other token
    Instead of going to a service desk, a user can activate a new token if he/she has an existing token.
    Released 1 June 2021
  • Support SURFconext MFA policies for SURFsecureID
    This makes it possible to enable SURFsecureID based on a user's attribute or group membership.
    Released Q1 2021
  • Support for Azure MFA as a token
    Released 13 October 2020
  • Support for FIDO2/webauthn as a token
    Released 13 October 2020
  • More fine-grained authorization: allow RAs and RAAs users to work for more multiple institutions
    Released 7 april 2020.
  • Support OpenID Connect
    OpenID Connect is supported through the integration with SURFconext (option 2a). Released november 2019
  • Support context-based strong authentication
    Finished a Proof of context using SURFconext Authorization service (PDP)

  • Support multiple tokens per user
    Released 12 juli 2018

  • Facilitate the re-use of tokens from commercial vendors
    We created an interface (GSSP), php library and example that facilitates adding new token types to stepup
    Released 12 september 2018