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Comment: deploy v0.12 op 25 juli


VersionFinalTo testTo pilotRemarks
v0.1(tick) 2018-02-15(tick) 2018-03-01(tick) 2018-03-06This is the first 'complete' SCZ release.
v0.2(tick) 2018-03-22(tick) 2018-03-22(tick)2018-03-26Focus on move to COmanage 3.1 and improvements to LDAP provisioning.

(tick) 2018-04-25

Focus on connecting to eduGAIN and R&S/CoCo compliance.
v0.4(tick) 2018-05-14(tick) 2018-05-14(tick) 2018-05-17
Focus on COmanage improvements.


(tick) 2018-06-11(tick) 2018-06-12(tick) 2018-06-28Change LDAP provisioning; introduce LSC component
v0.6(tick) 2018-10-01(tick) 2018-10-02(tick) 2018-10-08COmanage bugfixes, support for MS and Orcid, LSC updates
v0.7(tick) 2018-11-23(tick) 2018-11-26(tick) 2018-11-28Provisioner bugfixes, updates WAYF, ldap fixes (pilot-related)
v0.8(tick) 2018-11-28(tick) 2018-11-28(tick) 2018-12-07Update to COmanage 3.2dev (including support for CO-templates)
v0.9(tick) 2019-03-18(tick) 2019-03-2(tick) 2019-03-22COmanage upgrade; attribute handling improvements; CO-templating
v0.10(tick) 2019-04-03(tick) 2019-04-03(tick) 2019-04-04SBS integration; CO-templating imrovements
v0.11(tick) 2019-05-01(tick) 2019-05-02(tick) 2019-05-03Service provisioning, LDAP improvovements, RC-support.
v0.12(tick) 2019-07-01(tick) 2019-07-02(warning) 2019(tick) 2019-07-1825SBS update, LDAP clients overhaul, COmanage bugfixes