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  1. Login to COmanage.
  2. Click on your CO where you want to configure the flow.
  3. Select the "Configuration" from the menu. And click on configuration. Select the option: Enrollment Flows.
  4. Select the Invitation enrollment Flow (Template) and duplicate it before making adjustments.
  5. Click on Edit of the new created flow template and you can start with the configuration of the flow.


Enrollment invite-flow recommended configuration options


Important fields in this form:


  • add enrollment attributes, copying attributes to either the OrgIdentity and/or the COPerson records. Please note that due to how invite flows work, the system cannot determine IdP attributes to fill out enrollment attribute defaults: the petitioner OrgIdentity is not the record you would want the defaults of, and the enrollee has not received any notification yet).
  • add the SamlSource Organizational Identity Source (OIS). An option to manage OIS-es should be available at the top of the above configuration form (although not visible on this specific screenshot). Please see Configuring COmanage Enrollment Flows for details on how to configure the relevant OIS