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For mapping SAML to OIDC we use the REFEDS OIDCre  'OpenID Connect SAML mapping' specification (also see ).

Attribute candidates

The following attributes are identified as possible candidates, but it has not been decided whether to incorporate them:

  • 'eduPersonUniqueId', 'urn:oid:'
  • 'eduPersonOrcid', 'urn:oid:'
  • 'cn', 'urn:oid:'
  • 'description', 'urn:oid:'
  • 'facsimileTelephoneNumber', 'urn:oid:'
  • 'l', 'urn:oid:'
  • 'labeledURI', 'urn:oid:'
  • 'mobile', 'urn:oid:0.9.2342.19200300.100.1.41'
  • 'o', 'urn:oid:'
  • 'ou', 'urn:oid:'
  • 'postalCode', 'urn:oid:'
  • 'st', 'urn:oid:'
  • 'street', 'urn:oid:'
  • 'telephoneNumber', 'urn:oid:'
  • 'title', 'urn:oid:''schacPersonalTitle', 'urn:oid:'

How we supply group information to SP's