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Research is more and more about collaboration, also confirmed in the Dutch NWO 2019-2022-strategy. Researchers that want to collaborate (internationally) and providers of resources who want to offer research facilities to collaborative organisations often face questions related to providing access to resources. The SCZ project (SCZ, FIAM for collaborating researchers) tries to solve a number of issues in the field of authentication, authorization and policies. On these pages we describe what the SCZ project is about. 

Table of Contents

SCZ is basically an implementation of the problem addressed in In the European AARC-project (Authentication and Authorisation for Research and Collaboration), who made  the specific identity and access challenges researchers face are addressed, and they made a clear video about the problem:

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AARC crafted a blueprint architecture that addresses those challenges. SCZ is basically doing an implementation of that blueprint.

Why the SCZ project?

There are a number of specific problems for collaborations between researchers, which we address in the SCZ-project: