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The following workflow describes the steps that should be taken in order to add an application profile or change an application profile to the SURFshare community.

The illustration below shows three roles; the Client, the SURFshare Standards Core team, the Expertgroup.

Roles defined


Persons, Workgroups, Organisations

(Defines issues)

  • WISH (Workgroup Implementation SURFshare)
  • WRM (Workgroup Repository Managers)
  • HBO Repository Managers

SURFshare Standards Core
(Coordinates workflow)

  • Thomas Place
  • Maurice Vanderfeesten
  • Magchiel Bijsterbosch

(Brings advice)

  • Workgroup Metadata+
  • Workgroup HBO Metadata

Workflow defined

Issue description:  In order to make successfull implementation possible at the very end of the process, the problem definition must be very well defined by the client, and handed over to the SURFshare Standards Core group.

Expert group formation: With this problem definition a group of experts from the Dutch Universities can be formed. This formation is done by the SURFshare Standards Core group.

Advice formulation: Some Expert groups are very stable. Formulating the advice is done in the Wiki for SURFshare Application Profiles.

Advice to Acceptance: The advise of the Expert group is presented to the Client. The Client either accepts or rejects the advice. When it is accepted the wiki content of the Application Profile is exported to a file (e.g. PDF), a version number is given to this exported content and set as the "current version".

Implementation commitment: The client commits itself to implement this current version within a given time.