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This page aims to clarify how to use this wiki. It contains

Table of Contents

Structure of the wiki



The application profiles are structured in several ways. First, an alphabetical list of all the application profiles is present on [Application profiles]. On the [Categories] page, all the application profiles are categorized according to their topic. 

Who can use the wiki

There are 5 roles associated with this wiki with different possibilities of interaction with the content;


The working group is a group responsible for maintaining the application profiles. They are responsible for the application profiles in the context of its use within the Netherlands. For most application profiles, a working group is created for its maintenance, see the page working Working groups They communicate their decisions with the moderator (see workflow below), these decisions serve as advices for the authority group. The working group thus doesn't edit the pages, but communicates that to the moderator.


The application profiles may need changes, the moderator can make changes to the page. There are two stages of changing a profile: when editing a profile, one should annotate these changes to identify their proper status. When a change of an application profile is proposed by a moderator, this moderator should add the {proposal} tags around this change. When this proposal is agreed upon by the relevant working group, the status should be updated to advice and the tags should be {advice}. This results in the following identifications of status:

{proposal} {proposal}

{advice} {advice} 

Only the moderator is allowed to make these changes.