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Please note: you must open the link to verify your e-mail in the same browser as the one you used for registration thus far. If this doesn't happen automatically, right click the link in the verification email and select 'copy link'. Then, open the browser window you were using for eduID and paste the link in the address bar.


How do you login to a service (through SURFconext) with eduID?

1. If you wish to login to a service through SURFconext using eduID, for instance the service, choose eduID as your institution (search for 'eduID' in the screen where you have to select an institution).


4. Click the blue button in the e-mail to login. You will be forwarded immediately to the service you were loggin in to initially!

How do you connect the account of your institution to eduID?

Some services, such as edubadges, require that you connect the account of your (educational) institution to your eduID. By doing so, the service ensures badges are awarded to the right person.

As soon as it is necessary for the service you want to use to connect your institutional account to eduID, eduID will prompt you to do so. You do not have to do this in advance (but you can if you want to). Read the steps below to learn how to connect your institutional account to eduID.

1. Go to My eduID and press 'Connections'. If you already have a connection with an institutional account, it is displayed here. If not, the screen looks as follows.

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2. Click on 'Connect new institution'. Read the brief explanation and press 'Proceed' once you are finished. In the next screen, select the institution which you would like to connect to your eduID.

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3. Complete the login process at your institution. If you are logged in successfully, you are all set! Through My eduID you can see the details of this connection: which data eduID received from your institution, when the connection was made and when it will expire. You can also remove the connection here if you want to.

How can you remove/delete your eduID?

If you no longer wish to use or keep your eduID you can delete your eduID account at Choose 'Account' on the left side to see how your eduID can be removed.