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OpenID Connect Claims and SAML attributes

Most services require extra information about the authenticated user, such as name, email address or affiliation. In OpenID Connect (OIDC), this extra information comes in the form of claims, whereas in SAML, claims are called attributes. In SURFconext, the user authenticates at his Identity Provider (called OpenID Provider in OIDC) - this all happens using SAML. SURFconext translates the incoming SAML attributes to OIDC claims and provides them at the userinfo endpoint for your Service Provider (called Relying Party in OIDC) to consume.

Please note: SURFconext only caches the claims at the userinfo endpoint for a limited amount of time: 1 hour (after a successful authentication). If you request claims at the userinfo endpoint after this, the user is required to re-authenticate.

An extensive list of SAML attributes together with their details and properties is located here: Attributes in SURFconext. Those SAML attributes are provided by institutions connected to SURFconext as Identity Provider. You can use any of those attributes in your service (SURFconext translates them to OpenID Connect claims), however you must comply with our data minimisation policy, meaning you are only allowed to receive the bare minimum of attributes strictly needed for you to operate your service.

The following table describes the translation from SAML attributes to OIDC claims:

OIDC claimDescription of SAML attribute
subOpenID Subject (not available as SAML attribute)
given_nameGivenname attribute
family_nameSurname attribute
nameCommon name attribute
nicknameDisplay name attribute
Display name attribute
localePreferred language attribute
emailEmail address attribute
schac_home_organizationOrganization attribute
schac_home_organization_typeOrganization type attribute
edu_person_affiliationsAffiliation attribute
Scoped affiliation attribute
uidsUid attribute
schac_personal_unique_codesPersonal code attribute
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