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  • You will need a mobile phone (work or private) that can receive SMS text messages.
  • You will need access to your institutional e-mail account.


Handle your phone with care

  • Your phone is private, do not share your phone with others.
  • Never leave your phone unattended.
  • Lock your phone, e.g. with a code or fingerprint.


  • Please visit the Registration Portal and start a new token registration.
  • Choose SMS and register the phone you want to use for future logins.
  • Follow the instructions in the Registration Portal.
  • Finished regestering your token? Go to one of the Service Desk locations to have your token activated. (NB: Do not wait to long to do this; your activation code will expire after 14 days)
  • Having trouble? Please read our manual


When accessing a service that requires two-step authentication,

  • Please click 'Send code' and you will receive a one-time pass code via SMS on the mobile number you have registered before.
  • Enter the one-time pass code in the field that is shown in your browser.
  • Code expired? Please request a new code and try again.
  • Maximum number of codes exceeded? Please contact your IT Helpdesk voor support.

Replace and remove

  • Please visit the Registration Portal and remove your token registration. This way no one can take advantage of your token.
  • If necessary you can register a new token.


Please read our FAQ for more info.


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