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The MOOD board was created as a visual tool for the Research Data Ownership seminar. 

Esther Hoorn, LLM (RUG) had the idea of literally creating the Data Ownership landscape, and thus providing oversight on the topic of Data Ownership and introduce all the elements that play a part in this field. The underlying belief being: anyone should have a general but broad view of the broad variety of topics related to data ownership, such as: data mining, open data, privacy, licences, SEP, Code of Conduct and so on. In this way one at least is familiar with the topics as a reference, which makes it easier to formulate specific issues regarding data ownership and thus mobilise support on these topics from specialists.

Please feel free to use the MOOD board to raise awareness on different aspects related to data ownership. And please share your experiences with us.

The MOOD board and the separate icons were created by Thomas Bijen under the Creative Commons Licence CC By.
(Please mention the following url as the online source for the MOOD board:

The MOOD board was sponsored by SURF.

There is a sample MOOD board and an empty version. Click on the images below for the large files.



These are the icons created for the MOOD board:




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