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This page describes registrations in the URN-space urn:schac:personalUniqueCode:nl.

These values are used to express specific types of identification numbers (as described below) for use with the following attribute:

  • (deprecated)
  • urn:schac:attribute-def:schacPersonalUniqueCode
  • urn:oid:

See the SCHema for ACademia Wiki for more information about this attribute. The upstream registry for the namespace  urn:schac:personalUniqueCode:* can be found at For examples and notes for usage in SURFconext, see Attributes in SURFconext.


Delegations in this space are of the following form:

  • urn:schac:personalUniqueCode:nl:<scope>:*


  • <scope> identifies the scope for the identifier. Currently, only local is allowed, which specifies that the identifier is meant for use within a specific institution only.

For the local scope, the urn is of the following form:

  • urn:schac:personalUniqueCode:nl:local:<organisation_id>:<id_type>:<id_token>


  • <organisation_id> identifies the organisation which has issued the specified identifier. The format is a domain name as specified in RFC 1035. For use in SURFconext, this identifier MUST be equal to the organisation's schacHomeOrganization
  • <id_type> identifies the type of the identifier. The following values are allowed:
    • employeeid: the following id_token specifies an employee of the organisation
    • studentidthe following id_token specifies a student of the organisation
    • memberidthe following id_token specifies a person with some kind of generic membership of the organisation. This could be used by organisations which use a common identifier for employees and students.
  • <id_token> is the internal identifier of the specified type, issued by the specified organisation. Note that the identifier should be a proper URN, so the <id_token> may only consist of the characters specified in section 2.2 of RFC2141, i.e. only the following are allowed:

    • lower case letter (a-z)

    • capital letters (A-Z)

    • numbers (0-9)

    • the following special characters: ( ) + , . = @ ; $ _ ! * ' -


InstitutionAttribute valueUsed by service
  • Prof | IVTG
  • ADP Online | ADP
Universiteit van Tilburg$employeeNumber$emplId

Hogeschool van Amsterdam*

  • Online Learning Platform | OpenEdu
  • OAuth Authorization Server (PRD) | HvA
  • Cursio - HvA | Edia
  • Cursio (AMSIB) - HvA | Edia
Zuyd University*

  • ADP Online | ADP

  • OSIRIS Nyenrode - Medewerker | CACI
  • OSIRIS Nyenrode - Student | CACI
  • OSIRIS Nyenrode - Begeleider | CACI

NDB Biblion.


  • ADP Online | ADP
Utrecht School of the Arts*



Erasmus MC*


ArtEZ University of the Arts*

Antoni van Leeuwenhoek*

VUmc<ongeldige waarde>
Van Hall Larenstein**

ROC Rivor*


Planbureau voor de Leefomgeving*

NHL Stenden*

Máxima Medical Center*

Hanze University Groningen*

Academisch Ziekenhuis Maastricht

<ongeldige waarde>

Hogeschool Windesheim*

Hogeschool Utrecht*

Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten*

Hogeschool Inholland**

Universiteit Leiden*******

Legacy delegations

InstitutionAttribute valueUsed by service
  • Prof | IVTG
  • ADP Online (prodtest) | ADP
  • No labels