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In 2017 we started a comprehensive evaluation of white label switching (OpenSwitch and SONiC network operating systems running atop Dell switches).

In 2018 we propose to continue and expand on this initial exploration with additional focus on assessing more open hardware platforms, among the ones available at UvA and from SURFnet:

  • Arista 7050 (Broadcom NPU)
  • Mellanox SN2100 (Mellanox NPU)
  • EdgeCore (Barefoot NPU)
  • EdgeCore (Broadcom NPU)

We will test interoperability with the following commercial NOSes:

  • JunOS
  • PicOS
  • Cumulus Linux
  • Arista OS
  • VPP

A major driver for this work is to provide to SURFnet and more broadly to the NREN community a set of recommendation for adoption of open hardware and move this type of technologies in production environments.


D1.1 – Report on interoperability evaluation (Q3)

D1.2 – Contribution at SC18 (INDIS submission and/or demo) (Q4)

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