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This update concerns update to SBS, the MMS which is, for many of our pilots, an alternative to COmanage. This update also addresses feedback from pilot partners that are using SBS.


  • SBS updates from 0.11.3:
    • SBS: enable configuring the sender (name and email address) of the invitation mails

    • SBS: added the possibility to define an API key for an 'organisation', and use it to create CO's using an API

    • SBS: enable a CO admin to be able to put people whom you invite into Groups at the moment of sending the invite, instead of having to wait until they accept the invitation (and possibly forget to add them). This streamlines onboarding and how fast users can access services
    • SBS: several smaller bug fixes and UI optimizations,

  • Enable CSP headers for SBS to prevent content injection attacks
  • Overhaul of the way the service-facing ldap is filled form COmanage in order to allow services to serve multiple COs using a single ldap tree
  • Fix session timeout issues in SBS
  • Bug fixes for COmanage, including:
    • Include upstream 3.2.2 changes
    • Added console job for reprovisioning

    • Added format patterns in order to make it possible to define an autogenerated identifierd that is based on an existing identifier (e.g., a home dir that inclused a username)
    • Fixes the COmanage Templating API to return a correct identifier
    • Fixes bugs in pagination
    • Correctly set primary names
    • Correctly copy OrgIdentity attributes to the COperson record
    • Correctly provision Services to the SAML interface
    • Fix the mail identifier used to identify a user from his IdP


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