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Recently, a national campaign was started amongst all of the Netherlands’ universities. Its aim is to motivate researchers to create and use an ORCID-account.

ORCID is a non-proprietary system, managed by an international consortium consisting of universities, national libraries, scientific publishers, research institutes and data repositories. ORCID is a very effective tool in enhancing your visibility as a researcher, but it also reduces the time you spend registering your publication data.

For info on how to connect ORCID to your local institutional research profile, please visit the ORCID info page of your local institution:

Universiteit van Amsterdam

University of Groningen 

Eindhoven University of Technology

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Maastricht University

Leiden University

University of Twente

Open Universiteit

Radboud University

Tilburg University


Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Utrecht University

Wageningen Universiteit & Research

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