Wednesday 8 January 2020

10:0010:05WelcomeRonald van der Pol (SURFnet)
10:0510:30Programmable Integrated Telemetry (slides)Piotr Zuraniewski & Pawel Mackowiak  (TNO)
10:3010:55P4air Congestion Control (slides)Belma Turkovic (TUD)
10:5511:20Counterfighting Counterfeit: detecting and taking down fraudulent webshops (slides)Thymen Wabeke (SIDN Labs)
11:2011:45Hardware Implementations of Path tracking in P4 16 (slides)Joseph Hill (UvA)
11:4512:10New Adventures in RPKI (slides)Benno Overeinder (NLnet Labs)
13:1013:35Accurate high-bandwidth flow measurements using P4 (slides)Luuk Hendriks (UT)
13:3514:00Deploying Verfploeter for anycast measurements at CDN-scale (slides)Luuk Hendriks (UT)
14:0014:25Embracing open: The AMS-IX Journey to Open Networking (slides)Stavros Konstantaras (AMS-IX)
14:5515:20Software defined optical network orchestration using vendor locked hardware (slides)Dennis Kofflard & Chigo Okonkwo (TUE)

Diversity in the RIPE Routing Information System (slides) &

Sustainability and the Internet community (slides)

Emile Aben & Mirjam Kühne


15:4516:10Network Functions in SR-MPLS environment (slides)Lukasz Makowski (UvA)
16:1016:35SURFnet: surprisingly vulnerable or remarkably resilient? (slides)Jorik Oostenbrink (TUD)
16:3517:00Roll, Roll, Roll your Root: A Comprehensive Analysis of the First Ever DNSSEC Root KSK Rollover (slides)

Moritz Müller (SIDN Labs)

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