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Welcome to the Domestication Wiki, a community-maintained repository for information on the 'domestication' of applications.The wiki contains information on the availability and level of domestication version of your favourite software package or service.

What is domestication?

Domestication is described as the process of externalizing authentication, authorization and group management from applications. Domesticated application typically use a external authentication source like for example a SAML based identity federation, and communicate with group management and authorization systems to retrieve additional information on the authenticated user, his/her roles and rights.

Domesticated applications enable single sign-on features for users, as well as the ability to share group context between multiple applications. From the service provider point of view, externalizing identity and group management eases the burden of maintaining these kind of account data.

What is on this wiki?

  • The applications overview page presents an overview of all applications that are to some extend domesticated. It is also possible to compare products of the same type, e.g. all wiki software.
  • Each application listed has its own individual page which describes functional and technical details. It will often contain pointers to external sources describing the actual steps required to use the product in a domesticated way. An example of such a page can be found here: Domesticating Confluence.
  • The how-to pages describe more general solutions towards domestication. It provides pointers to domestication strategies and contains information of using protocols, like for example ssh or mail, in a domesticated fashion.
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