12301255connectivity testing

12551300WelcomeRonald van der PolSURF
13001330Improving TCP’s performance using programmable networksBelma TurkovicTUDslides
13301400Experience with SR-MPLS Service Function Chaining with NorthStarCees PortegiesUvAslides
14001430Using P4 and RDMA to Collect Telemetry DataJoseph HillUvAslides
14301500Architectural considerations for a hybrid router with P4Koen van HoveUTslides

15301600XDPeriments: Tinkering with DNS and XDPLuuk Hendriks & Willem TooropNLnet Labsslides
16001630Developing the quantum security testbed in EindhovenChigo OkonkwoTUEslides
16301700Integrated Programable TelemetryPawel Mackowiak & Mauricio SolisTNOslides
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