What can you do with SURFconext?

SURFconext offers 'Single Sign On'-access to a large number of online services. Almost 120 Dutch organisations in the area of higher education and research are already using these. Amongst the most used services are: Google Apps for Education, SURFspot, Legal Intelligence (a search engine for anything related to law) and several library services.

What advantages does SURFconext offer for my organisation?

The group of almost 120 organisations in The Netherlands who use SURFconext, consists of universities, university medical centers, hbo's and research institutions. Together they represent a group of 1 milion users. These users are currently responsible for almost 2 milion logins per month, using more than 100 different cloud services.

SURFconext allows users to have access to services offered by multiple Service Providers using only 1 account. Besides, SURFconext facilitates online collaboration in the cloud, both between users within the same organisation as between users from different organisations.

If you connect your organisation to SURFconext, you will enjoy the following advantages:

Why should I connect to SURFconext?

The number of available cloud services is growing quickly. Most organisations consider using these services next to internally hosted services. Besides, organisations want to offer a secure environment where both internal and external services can be used side by side. Important elements for this are Single Sign-On, trusted identity and collaboration in groups and teams. Organisations are looking for possibilities to integrate these different kinds of applications. SURFconext offers starting points to realise this.

How does SURFconext work?

For more information, have a look at Schema en uitleg (only available in Dutch).

Get started with SURFconext

{clickable:SURFconext for Service Providers|Documentation for Service Providers}
*[Documentation for Service providers|surfconextdev:Documentation for Service Providers]*
If you want to offer services through SURFconext, you will have to perform certain steps. [Click here|surfconextdev:Documentation for Service Providers] for an overview.
{clickable:SURFconext for Identity Providers|Documentatie voor Identity Providers}
*[Documentatie voor Identity Providers|Documentatie voor Identity Providers]*

SURFconext can be used Organisations with a SURFnet connection. To connect to SURFconext, a number of technical, organisational and legal steps need to be performed. [Click here|surfconextdev:Documentatie voor Identity Providers] for a step by step manual (only available in Dutch).
{clickable:Documentation for collaboration organisations|Documentatie voor samenwerkingsorganisaties}
*[Documentatie voor samenwerkingsorganisaties|GCWC:Samenwerkingsverbanden in SURFconext]*
The SURFconext-infrastructure can help collaboration organisations with verification, authorization and group management. Click here to see the possibilities (only available in Dutch).
{clickable:Support pages SURFconext|conextsupport:SURFconext support}
*[Ondersteuningspagina's SURFconext|conextsupport:SURFconext support]*
Once you are connected to SURFconext, [these pages|http://support.surfconext.nl/] provide support for built-in applications in SURFconext.
{clickable:Documentation for the migration from SURFfederatie to SURFconext|Migration SURFfederatie - SURFconext}
*[Informatie over de migratie van SURFfederatie naar SURFconext|surfconextdev:Migration SURFfederatie - SURFconext]*
SURFfederatie merged to SURFconext. [Click here|surfconextdev:Migration SURFfederatie - SURFconext] for more information about this trajectory.