SURFconext is a flexible and dynamic collaboration infrastructure for higher education and research in The Netherlands and is developed by SURFnet. Via SURFconext you can access online collaboration environments, offered by your institution or by cloud providers, with your institutional account. In addition, SURFconext offers ways to organize access to content and functionalities based on (your) group membership(s). Visit the pages below to learn more.

Login via SURFconext
When you want to use an application which is connected to SURFconext you have to select your home institution before you can log in.

For questions and answers about login in via SURFconext, visit the FAQ.

SURFteams SURFteams
With SURFteams you can setup groups e.g. for project teams and classes to manage access to content and functionalities at a single point. The group-related privileges are automatically updated in selected applications.

In the SURFteams manual you can read how you can use SURFteams.

Profile page
Each person who logged in with SURFconext has a personal profile page. On this page you can review the applications you use with SURFconext and the personal data that are shared with those applications. At the profile page you can also delete your account or revoke access you have given to applications.

More information about the Profile page.

Demo Portal (not intended for production use!)
In the demo portal of SURFconext you can create your own workplace(s) and add gadgets of several collaborative services. By sharing these workplaces with your team members you can create a flexible collaboration environment.

Interested? Read the step-by-step manual.