On End user documentation SCZ COmanage we've documented the steps per role and links to COmanage documentation.

On this page you'll find additional information about the COmanage configuration options. Depending on your environment and role, you'll find those when you've successfully signed in to SCZ COmanage (via https://comanage.pilot.scz.lab.surf.nl/registry/ ) and a CO has been selected.
The amount of options you will see may vary. You find the COmanage options by clicking in the main menu on "Configuration".

You'll find an overview of the COmanage configuration options below. Each configuration options contains a direct link to the manual. You'll be redirected to the Internet2 Wiki or the SURFnet Wiki page.

CO Settings

Extended Types

Attribute Enumerations

Identifier Assignments

Provisioning Targets

Identifier Validators

Self Service Permissions


Enrollment FlowsMessage TemplatesTerms and Conditions

Expiration Policies

CO Navigation LinksThemes

Extended Attributes

Organizational Identity SourcesService Token Settings