On this page we will announce future releases and maintenance to the pilot environment. We aim to inform you at least a week in advance via the mailing list. The announcement will including release notes on what will change, whether we expect downtime and at what time the maintenance will be executed.

In the current phase of the project, maintenance is carried out during office hours. If at any moment in the project this starts to become a problems please let us know. We welcome feedback and will see whether we can find a suitable solution.

Content on this page


Below we list possible changes to SRAM, in chronological order. We will start working on the list after SRAM has reached production status. This is a frequently updated list of ideas. Actual incorporation and planning depends on operational experiences and resources available to work on roadmap ideas. So if and when something will be available is to be seen. We share this info with you, so customers can provide us feedback, provide input for the roadmap etc.


VersionFinalTo testTo pilotRemarks
v0.12(tick) 2019-07-01(tick) 2019-07-02(tick) 2019-07-25SBS update, LDAP clients overhaul, COmanage bugfixes
v0.11(tick) 2019-05-01(tick) 2019-05-02(tick) 2019-05-03Service provisioning, LDAP improvements, RC-support.
v0.10(tick) 2019-04-03(tick) 2019-04-03(tick) 2019-04-04SBS integration; CO-templating improvements
v0.9(tick) 2019-03-18(tick) 2019-03-2(tick) 2019-03-22COmanage upgrade; attribute handling improvements; CO-templating
v0.8(tick) 2018-11-28(tick) 2018-11-28(tick) 2018-12-07Update to COmanage 3.2dev (including support for CO-templates)
v0.7(tick) 2018-11-23(tick) 2018-11-26(tick) 2018-11-28Provisioner bugfixes, updates WAYF, ldap fixes (pilot-related)
v0.6(tick) 2018-10-01(tick) 2018-10-02(tick) 2018-10-08COmanage bugfixes, support for MS and Orcid, LSC updates


(tick) 2018-06-11(tick) 2018-06-12(tick) 2018-06-28Change LDAP provisioning; introduce LSC component
v0.4(tick) 2018-05-14(tick) 2018-05-14(tick) 2018-05-17
Focus on COmanage improvements.
v0.3(tick) 2018-04-12(tick) 2018-04-12

(tick) 2018-04-25

Focus on connecting to eduGAIN and R&S/CoCo compliance.
v0.2(tick) 2018-03-22(tick) 2018-03-22(tick) 2018-03-26Focus on move to COmanage 3.1 and improvements to LDAP provisioning.
v0.1(tick) 2018-02-15(tick) 2018-03-01(tick) 2018-03-06This is the first 'complete' SCZ/SRAM release.

Changes, known issues per release 

Details of each SCZ/SRAM release can be found on the detail page by clicking on the version number below:

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