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What is a Digital Author Identifier?

De Digital Author Identification (DAI) is een uniek landelijk nummer voor elke auteur, met een aanstelling of een andere relevante band bij een Nederlandse universiteit, hogeschool of onderzoeksinstituut. Het gebruik van de DAI is geregistreerd bij het het College Bescherming Persoonsgegevens (CBP) en de DAI is voorbereid op de internationale ISO standaard "ISNI" (International Standard Name Identifier).


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The DAI contains 9 characters. The first 8 characters are numbers. The 9th character is a control character.

how is this control character calculated? Can anyone explain the algorithm used?

at the moment the info namespace is used as an authority namespace.


The DAI is the number after info:eu-repo/dai/nl/ .
info:eu-repo/dai/nl/ is just an authority namespace, telling the user or machine that the number is a DAI originating from the Netherlands.
Click here to read more about info:eu-repo/dai/nl/

How can we fit the DAI in to the ISNI? It is said it can be done by OCLC. But how? The ISNI is a 16-digit number. Does this subset of dutch authors get a prefix? What about the last control number?

XML schema

(better explanation needed!)

For the MODS metadata an extension has been made. The XML shema of the extension can be found here:

For the use of this extension in MODS see: Use of MODS

Identifier workflow

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