Project outline: coordination surfshare standards

Within the SURFshare program there are many activities in which existing standards are reused or new standards are developed. To prevent standards from being overseen, resulting in reinventing the wheel in developing an application profile, several activities will have to be started from which all parties of the SURFshare program benefit. The SURFshare standards are not limited to the repositories, but extend the scope to the entire SURFshare program in which aspects of the Academic Information Domain are addressed.
The SURFshare program consists of
• Enhanced Publications
• Collaboratories
• Review and impact
• Infrastructure
• Permanent access
• And HBO dissemination


Providing an overview of established agreements, application profiles and relevant organisations in SURFshare program.

Main activities

• Coordinating/Monitoring the activties in which SURFshare standards are in development,
• Establishing/managing the SURFshare standards and
• Increasing awareness of the SURFshare standards, and promoting the need for interoperability.
• Establishing international review committee concerning the info:eu-repo namespace.

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