Onderstaande informatie is afkomstig uit de Service Level Agreement tussen Sectigo en GÉANT Association en wordt opgenomen in de SURFnet Service Level Specification (SLS). Deze SLS is bedoeld om de op SURFnet aangesloten instellingen een referentiepunt te geven voor de dienstverlening van SURFnet. In de SLS heeft SURFnet haar dienstverlening zo helder en meetbaar mogelijk beschreven.

Availability of Services.

Access to Sectigo's certificate issuing, repository services, CRL and OCSP certificate status services, and disaster recovery services will be operational and accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The services will be deemed operational and accessible if they are available 99.5 % of the time on a monthly basis, calculated as follows: service availability for a given month will be the percentage equal to X/(Y-Z) x 100, where X is the actual number of minutes the services were  available during the month, Y is the total number of minutes in the month, and Z is the actual minutes that the services were not available during the month as a result of (i) scheduled downtime, and (ii) unscheduled downtime that results from any force majeure delay. Start of an unscheduled downtime is defined as the time the GÉANT Association reports the services as unavailable for use by a member oft he GÉANT Association community.The GÉANT Association shall report issues immediately when they are discovered. Likewise DigiCert shall contact the GÉANT Association after discovering that the services have betome unavailable. Digicert shall ensure OCSP services are available at least 523.300 minutes annually. DigiCert will issue all Certificates within four hours under Standard operating conditions and assuming that the Subscriber promptly replies to all inquiries from DigiCert about authorization.

Scheduled Downtime

DigiCert will notify the GÉANT Association and any NRENs, if applicable, ten business days in advance of any planned maintenance that will have significant effect on offered service performance. Notice is provided by email to the addresses specified in the relevant account. Scheduled downtime will not exceed seven hours per month and will occur (i) between 9:01 p.m. on Saturday evening and 6 a.m. on Sunday morning, Mountain Time, or (ii) at such other times and days as DigiCert may deem necessary, provided DigiCert gives at least ten calendar days advance written notice of such other time and day for scheduled downtime. Notice of maintenance times are provided through the relevant account.

Beschikbaarheidsrapportage SURFcertificaten

De beschikbaarheid van de Digicert portal wordt gerapporteerd via de algemene SURFnet Rapportageportal.