This part of our documentation contains information that will help you get started with SURFconext and get more details about working with SURFconext, both formally as well as technically. It is meant for both maintainers of identity providers as well as service providers. Some highlights in this section are listed below. Use the navigation to the right to navigate through the articles. Note that some articles are in Dutch, some in English.


A good point to start is getting to know attributes. These will facilitate you in making your service work and get the proper user information from identity providers.


To keep your users and the federation safe, we have guidelines to follow. They are generally an easy set of rules to implement to make your service or identity provider safe and future proof.


This section will give you very specific but essential information to keep your connection with SURFconext running. Ranging from implementing a single and multi-tenant service as well as security issues can be found here.

Connected IdP's

A complete and up-to-date list of IdP's that are connected to SURFconext can be found here. This list will also show you if IdP's are also listed in the eduGAIN federation and there is a short list of IdP's that are not 'full' members of the federation.