Den Haag, 28 november 2018

Seminar 'Celebrating Data! What's next?'

Prior to the event of the fifth award ceremony of the RDNL Dutch Data Prize, a group of RDM stakeholders (LCRDM, RDNL, the UKB Working Group Research Data, NFU Data4LifeSciences) together organized this seminar. It served as a follow up meeting of two events that were organised in October and December 2017 by LCRDM and UKB for people in the new  role of data stewards. The UKB working group Research Data Management held a session on data support: "Data support and coordination, from start to finish".

Data support and coordination, from start to finish

The RDM Blog of LCRDM provides a summary of the seminar. On the data support session it reads:

"The UKB Working Group Research Data held a session on data support, titled: Data support and coordination, from start to finish. The goal of this session was to explore how to provide an optimal form of research support through all phases of research, in order to help researchers to make their data available for a broader audience. How can research institutions best provide research support? What facilities need to be in place? In which phase of the research? What can the research team pick up themselves and what needs to delegated? And to whom? And does the quality of support influence the research project? 

Rob Knapen (WUR), Sander Janssen (WUR), Laura Pander (TU/e) en Stijn Heeren (VU), all nominees of the Data Prize Award, presented their view on this." Paul Plaatsman and Fieke Schoots gave an introduction to the topic. 


More presentations are available on the RDNL website.


Utrecht, 3 oktober 2017

Workshop 'Working on data stewardship? Meet your peers!'

Networking meeting for colleagues working in the new data professions.

Utrecht, 22 juni 2017

Verdiepingsmiddag FAIR data

Werken aan een beleidskader voor een consistent systeem voor het FAIR ontsluiten van onderzoeksdata.

Verslag en presentaties op de LCRDM-website


Wageningen, 1 december 2016

Seminar 'The Making of Research Data Management Policy'

Seminar over de ontwikkeling van Research Data Management (RDM) beleid.


  1. Stand van zaken RDM-beleid
  2. Hoe moet RDM-beleidsvorming inhaken op de Amsterdam Call for Action on Open Science
  3. Drijfveren en behoeften van onderzoekers.


Utrecht, 17 september 2015

Themasessie UKB-werkgroep Research Data voor UKB-directeuren


Rotterdam, 2 december 2014

Seminar 'Research Data Ownership'


Ede, 10 september 2014

Landelijke Bijeenkomst Datamanagement

Georganiseerd door SURFacademy en NWO met bijdragen van de UKBwerkgroep Research Data aan de sessies 2 en 3.

Sessie 2: Naar meer afstemming in datamanagementbeleid 

Sessie 3: Professionalisering en kwaliteitsverbetering


Maastricht, 3 en 4 april 2014

Masterclass Research Data Management in Nederland

SURFacademy-masterclass, georganiseerd in samenwerking met de UKB en de SIG Research Data, stond geheel in het teken van good practices van het beheer van onderzoeksdata. 


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